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How mid-sized mail operators can harness the power of print

To offer higher-value communications, you need to be succeeding in all channels, including both print and digital. While there is no denying the popularity of digital channels for certain types of customer communications, a recent survey from Two Sides found that 84 percent of respondents say it’s easier to understand and retain information when read in print.

The very large mailers can provide this. They have the budget to achieve high-scale print and digital communications campaigns. But what about those organisations for which these types of solutions are out of reach?

Mailers at the lower end of the high-volume mail range, often lack the capabilities provided by big enterprises and enterprise-level printing solutions, which might be too costly for their budget. That leaves little option but to stay with the status quo, using traditional solutions that just don’t have the features you need to create impactful messages. How do you compete?

As a mid-sized mailer, how do you harness the power of print communications as part of an omnichannel customer engagement strategy? You need technology solutions that can operate at scale, deliver cost-effective colour communications and do it all with maximum efficiency. Here is what to look for.

Solving for scale

Mid-sized mail operations are increasingly required to print more mail faster. To find the right-sized printing solution for your business, you need to evaluate your needs when it comes to print volume, productivity, quality and flexibility.

How much do you need to print each month? How much of that is transactional mail, and how much is promotional? What is your expected turnaround time? What level of print quality do your clients expect? How easily can a new solution integrate into your existing workflow? What is the Total Cost of Operation (TCOP)? Are you able to print at speed while also including accurate personal customer information?

When you can achieve enterprise-level operational performance without the enterprise price tag, you are able to cost-effectively meet even the most demanding service level agreements (SLAs). That unlocks new revenue opportunities for your business.

Embrace colour

Colour can turbo-charge transactional and direct mail campaigns.

While mid-sized operations may have avoided colour campaigns due to the perceived cost, the reality is that modern inkjet systems now offer a lower entry point to high-quality colour printing. As a result, you are able to easily incorporate dynamic, personalised colour messaging for a cost per page as comparable to monochrome printing.  

Using 100% variable data colour print lets you produce more impactful communications.  You can use colour to make information more clear, add charts and graphics, add relevant cross-sell or upsell offers directly to the statement and even link to personalised interactive video.

Optimise Print and Mail

A right-sized printing system should also improve operations. For example, rather than purchasing two separate systems to print both transactional and direct mail, you could be able to cover both with one solution. You should look across the entire workflow for ways to optimise print and mail.

Consolidation of platforms is one benefit. Right-sized systems are also easier to maintain, offer precision tracking throughout the mailstream and deliver flexibility through modular systems. All this efficiency lowers your total cost of ownership, making it more cost-effective to send higher volumes of mail that will bring better results.

Additionally, you can take advantage of colour and personalisation on the outside of the mailpiece using inline inkjet technology as part of mail finishing. Research shows 69 percent of consumers are more likely to open a mailpiece with colour graphics on the front compared to a plain envelope.  The difference can be significant. Full-colour mailpieces deliver higher response rates compared to plain communications and deliver a positive return on investment. 

Find What Works ‘Just Right’

As more mid-sized businesses move toward an omnichannel customer engagement strategy, they will need to find a way to deliver impactful print messaging. By keeping their needs for scale, colour and optimisation of print and mail in mind, these mailers can unlock the power of print at a cost and scope that works for their business.

Do more with colour production inkjet printing for less with the AcceleJet™ printing and finishing system for mid-sized businesses. Or Contact us to learn more about the most appropriate printing solutions for your size mail operation.

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