Designed to fit any mailroom. . .or budget

Standard Tables

Available in a range of sizes, our standard tables will fit into your mailroom perfectly.

Standard tables are one of our more popular products that enable customers to create a smaller mail unit when dealing with a set budget or space restrictions. 

Our Mailroom line of furniture offers our customers a variety of options when it comes to designing their mailroom. We manufacture all products to be functional, durable and stylish, offering our customers a unique line of furniture designed to meet all mailroom requirements. 

These value priced tables are available in three sizes and can be outfitted with all modular mailroom components. Standard tables are available in 33", 45", and 68" configurations.

Pitney Bowes Mailroom Furniture solutions are 100% Canadian made. Our high quality metal furniture products are manufactured in an environmentally responsible facility. Our mailroom furniture is durable, ergonomically correct, stylish, environmentally safe, and includes a lifetime guarantee.