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Easily create jobs and send to multiple Relay series machines with a click of a button
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On Premise solution to keep your critical data in-house
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Optional File Based Processing support provides the highest level of document integrity


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Save time by automating manual processes

Seamlessly integrate with your Pitney Bowes Relay Series machines, allowing you to automate folding and inserting mail processes for documents with varying numbers of pages.
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Control Costs

A cost effective and quick turnaround solution. Additionally, with the power of grouping, you can combine multiple documents for the same recipient into a single mailing, further reducing postage spend.
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Reduce risk by securing private customer information

Take control of every page. Relay Integrity Pro adds intelligence to your folder inserter to keep private customer information secure by ensuring the right documents are going to the right customer.
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Short lead time for customer deployments, including those who require File Based Processing

Fast implementation so there’s no waiting around.