Letter Openers & Folding Machines

Automate mail opening. Take the effort out of folding documents.

Save time and streamline tedious processes with our automated openers and folders.
dl200 letter opener
DL200™ Letter Opener
Designed for organisations with moderate incoming mail volume, the DL200 tabletop automatic letter opener opens up to 250 envelopes a minute. It handles mail pieces of varying dimensions and thickness while ensuring the safety of the operator with its shielded cutting mechanism.
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omation 210 and 410 mail openers
OMATION® Series 210 & Series 410 Envelopener® Mail Openers
Designed for organisations with mid-sized incoming mail operations, our Series 210 & 410 high-end envelope openers automatically open up to 400 envelopes a minute with mixed mail thicknesses and sizes to be fully opened edge to edge.The Series 410 adds an integrated inkjet printer that can print date, time and sequence number.
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omation 306 letter opener
OMATION 306 Letter Opener
Designed for organisations with large incoming mail volume, the high-speed OMATION 306 letter opener automatically opens up to 40,000 envelopes an hour and is also available with enhanced sorting capabilities.
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OfficeRight df800 desktop folder
OfficeRight™ DF800 letter folder
This automatic letter folder quickly and accurately folds up to 13,000 documents per hour saving your business time and effort while preparing mail.
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OfficeRight df900 desktop folder
OfficeRight™ DF900 letter folder
This heavy duty and high-performance letter folder automatically feeds, folds and collects your envelope handling up to 20,000 documents per hour.
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