Control the mailing process, optimize your printing, and maximize your postal savings with Flexstream.

With Flexstream, you can add OMR or Barcode functionality to your documents based on predetermined criteria.

  • Control the number of documents going to each customer (Grouping).
  • Control the specific additional inserts going to each recipient.
  • Set criteria for diverting documents at input or output of the mailing process.
  • Document Processing
  • Document Design
  • Mailing System Control & Document Security
  • Printer Control
  • Postal Savings
  • Ease of Use

    It’s easy to open and view documents with Flexstream:
    • Opens PCL-5 or PDF formatted print files or formatted text files (line data).
    • PCL files can be created by simply selecting Print to File, instead of printing directly to the printer, from your source application.
    • PDF and PCL files can be processed in both grayscale and colour.

    Maximize your postal savings by merging documents into a single print file:

    • Flexstream can add an additional document file to an already opened file using the append function.
    • Flexstream can open multiple document files from within a designated directory and merge them into one file.