National Change of Address (NCOA) program
This feature allows users to update and verify addresses according to the data provided by Canada Post's NCOA database. It ensures accurate delivery and reduces the risk of returned or undeliverable mail.
Address verification
Address verification
The software offers real-time address verification to ensure the addresses provided are valid and deliverable. This helps eliminate mailing errors, reduces costs associated with returned mail, and improves customer satisfaction.
Address correction
Address correction
Efficiently corrects address omissions, spelling errors, and ensures accurate formatting, offering a comprehensive solution for precise mail delivery, including batch processing, bilingual adjustments, and detailed accuracy reporting.
Letter Carrier Presort
Letter Carrier Presort
Letter Carrier Presort verifies how many items were delivered to each postal code in each province. It also defines which were addressed to a specific business, residence, apartment, rural route or post office.

Bid farewell to undeliverable mail, welcome cost efficiency, and never lose touch with your customers again.

Increase deliverability
Approved by Canada Post
Approved by Canada Post
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Time and cost savings
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Improve data quality
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Improve customer experience
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Enhance marketing efforts

Trusted by government agencies, banks, retailers, call centers, and more, it enhances customer service and boosts data accuracy.

Address correction
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