SendSuite® Tracking

Enterprise inbound package tracking management. Receive and track like never before.

When someone is waiting for a package, they expect you to have all the details. What’s the status? Where is the package now? Who signed for it? When will they receive it?

There’s a reason for this anxiety. Often, packages contain critical time-sensitive items, including contracts ready to be signed, parts to keep an assembly line from shutting down or perishable medical samples for research. Lost or misplaced assets can bring business to a halt.

When you can respond to any inquiry with speed and confidence, you can increase efficiency, satisfaction and accountability.

Having packages recognised as "received" is only part of the job. Getting it to its final destination and the proper recipient in a timely fashion is paramount.

SendSuite® Tracking - Enterprise inbound package tracking management. Receive and track like never before.


Deliver with precision.

SendSuite Tracking picks up where your carriers leave off. Get accurate, real-time package status throughout your enterprise so everyone spends less time on manual handling and searches.



Simplify every inbound operation.

When you scan a package, SendSuite Tracking automatically enters all relevant information into the system, including: carrier, tracking number, sender and recipient.

Track parcels

Track parcels

Track parcels,
assets and more.

If you can add a barcode to it, you can track it with the smartest global enterprise tracking software available. SendSuite Tracking makes it possible to manage the flow of packages, critical documents, products, visitors and much more. 



Gain access everywhere.

Whether you have one or multiple sites, SendSuite Tracking offers quick and easy browser-based administrative management. Just enter the appropriate permissions and credentials, and access the system from any web-connected computer
at any time.


Business Benefits

Ease of use

  • From the time the mail arrives at your premises to the time it’s delivered Sendsuite Tracking helps you get the job done fast and with minimum errors. It uses a simple five-step process to ensure your business delivers mail at optimum efficiency.

1. Check in

Items are scanned into the system giving you proof of the date and time each item was received.  You can also capture images of items. These can then be used to prove damage was done before you took receipt. Or if an item seems suspicious an image can be emailed to the addressee asking if the item is expected.

2. Manifest

Outstanding deliveries are transferred onto handheld portable data collectors that are used to complete deliveries.  A paper or electronic delivery manifest is automatically created for your staff speeding up the delivery process.

3. Deliver

Automatically set up your internal daily deliveries by department mail stop or delivery route based on your established delivery routing rules.  Record successful deliveries, attepmted deliveries or refused deliveries to define mail stops, locations or to end users.  It can also record that someone came and collected an item. 

4. Review

Data is transferred from the handheld portable data collectors onto the Sendsuite® Tracking base system either via cradle synchronisation or wireless connection.  Fielding status enquiries is simple. Package location information is available at the touch of a button via the web. This allows you to deal efficiently with customer service enquiries and to monitor the productivity levels of your staff.

5. Report

The powerful built-in reporting capability allows you to demonstrate how costs are being reduced while accuracy of delivery is improving.

Create the reports your business needs

  • It’s easy to undertake extensive analysis of how your business is performing, with the use of Crystal Reports the industry leader in report creation and generation.  Crystal Reports provides the flexibility to create tailored daily reports such as: mail received and mail delivered, damage to mai, route activity and productivity.

Stay well informed

  • No one likes to be asked a question they can’t answer. With Sendsuite Tracking you’ll always have the information you need to:
  • Keep customers budget holders your manager and shareholders informed of how you’re performing against service level agreements.
  • Identify trends so you can respond appropriately.
  • Identify best practice so it can be shared and areas for improvement identified so mitigating action can be taken.
  • Reward motivate and give accurate feedback to staff.
  • Manage costs and budgets so your business stays profitable.
  • Prove to potential customers the high levels of service they could expect if you managed the receipt and distribution of their mail.