Clearing Material Jams in the Insert Trays in Relay 2500/3500/4500

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Products affected: Relay™ 2500, Relay™ 3500, Relay™ 4500
  1. Remove the insert trays - pull the insert tray straight out from the inserter.
  2. Remove the jammed material. If necessary, use the manual advance knob to move the material forward.
  3. Replace the insert trays - slide the tray into the location guides; push until it clicks into place.

    rem insert tray

  4. Tap the Clear Deck button to clear the paper path of any remaining material.


  5. Tap the Start button to resume operation.

Using the Manual Advance Knob

Once you locate the jammed material, you may need to use the manual advance knob to manually feed paper out of the grip of feed rollers.

The manual advance knob is located behind the drop-down cover at the left front of the inserter.


UPDATED: 14 August 2021