Loading the Standard Envelope Feeder on the Relay 2500 and Relay 3500

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Products affected: Relay™ 2500, Relay™ 3500

The Relay 2500 and 3500 use a standard (tray style) sheet feeder to feed the outer envelope for the job.

  1. Use the side guide adjustment knob to adjust the side guides to the width of the envelopes.
  2. Once the guides are touching both sides of the envelope, turn the adjustment knob 1/4-turn in the opposite direction. This sets the correct clearance between the guides and the envelope.


  3. Aerate and fan the stack of envelopes so the individual envelopes are not stuck together.


  4. Place the envelopes on the feed deck with the flaps up and trailing. IMPORTANT! Check that the lead edge of the first envelope is under the front feed roller and the stack of envelopes is shingled on the deck.
  5. Let the wedge slide down behind the stack so the envelops are supported.

    env -load-old2

UPDATED: 30 June 2021