Loading the Sheet Feeder on the Relay™ 2500, 3500, 4500

Learn how to load the Sheet Feeder on the Relay™ 2500, 3500, 4500
Products affected: Relay™ 2500, Relay™ 3500, Relay™ 4500

Automatic Feed Jobs

  1. Adjust the side guides to the width of the material. Once the guides are touching both sides of the material, turn the side guide control 1/4-turn in the opposite direction. This sets the correct clearance between the guides and the material.

    sheet load 1

  2. Aerate (fan) the stack of paper to ensure that individual sheets are not stuck together.

    paper fan

  3. Jog the stack of paper back into alignment. The display indicates the correct orientation of the paper.

    paper jog

  4. Place the stack of paper onto the feed deck. Allow the deck to move down and the top of the stack of paper to slide under the feed roller.

    sheet load 2

Manual Feed Jobs

If you select a manual feed job where sheet feeder 1 is set for manual feed of collated sets, DO NOT load the sheet feeder. Instead, you will feed collated sets one at a time, by hand, as required.

  1. Before running a manual feed job, pull back the lever. This opens the feed mechanism for manual feed operation.

    manual feed lever

NOTE: Return this lever to its normal position when the feeder is used for automatic operation.

UPDATED: 05 May 2022