Understanding your printer LED light codes for the PB-SP100 Printer

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Products affected: PB-SP100

The LED Lights on the top of the PB-SP100 Printer indicate the status of the printer in operation.


The table below explains what the different light combinations mean.

LED 1LED 2Status
Green OnGreen OnReady Mode
Green OnRed FlashingPrint Cancel Mode- Wait
Green FlashingRed OnPrint is temporarily paused- Wait
Green FlashingGreen FlashingPrint standby mode- Wait
Orange OnOrange OnMode Switching Notification
Red OnOrange OnError- Media Stoppage/ Jam
Red OnGreen FlashingError- Printer Head Overheating
Red OnOrange FlashingError- No Media/ Label Roll Empty
Red OnRed FlashingCover Open
Red OnOffError- Media Calibration Failure

For more information on how to self test or calibrate media please see the User Manual available on the Pitney Bowes Support page.

For how to change your label roll please see- Changing the Label Roll in the 1E42 Datamax W1110 and PB-SP100 Printers.

UPDATED: 22 June 2021