Accessing the SendPro Care app on the SendPro Auto

Learn how to access the SendPro Care app on the SendPro Auto.
Products affected: SendPro® C Auto (9H10)

The SendPro Care app is a self-help application that allows you to quickly get information about your (Undefined variable: C-Series-Variables.Product Name No Mark).

You can access the SendPro Care app by tapping on the help icon (?) in the global toolbar, or by tapping Ask SendPro Care in the Home screen.

The SendPro Care app automatically recognizes your device issues and provides recommendations for resolving those issues. The app also provides:

  • Real-time predictive updates, diagnostic, error notifications, and offers.
  • Proactively prompts you with a solution that you can follow to resolve the error or issue.
  • Essential tools and guides.
  • Text search to resolve issues quickly.
  • Product health management and tracking.

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UPDATED: 24 May 2023