Navigating the Home screen on the SendPro C, SendPro+

Learn how to navigate the Home screen on the SendPro C, SendPro+.
Products affected: SendPro® C, SendPro®+ (8H10)

The Home screen on the SendPro C, SendPro+ machine provides the starting point for creating either a trackable shipping label or printing postage on an envelope.

For general purpose envelopes and post cards, print postage by tapping (1) Envelope Printing. For important large envelopes or packages using Canada Post, UPS®, or FedEx® start creating a shipping label by tapping (2)Trackable Labels.

The application drawer (3) at the bottom of the screen provides access to a variety of applications to support and enhance your SendPro C, SendPro+ device. For example, you can access address information (Address Book) and check your network connection (Check Network).


To view all of the options in the application drawer, tap the double-headed arrow (4) on the right side of the application drawer.


Note: The History icon in the applications drawer provides information about labels you have created using the Trackable Labels application (Date, Recipient, Carrier, Tracking Number (Canada Post), Status, and Label Amount). The History & Report application provides a history of the postage refill operations you have performed for the Envelope Printing application.

Global Toolbar

The global toolbar located at the top of the Home screen appears at the top of every screen within the Trackable Labels and Envelope Printing applications.

This toolbar allows you to view and change settings and defaults values for your machine and the Trackable Labels and Envelope Printing applications.


(1)back Back - Return to the previous screen.

(2)home-toolbar Home - Return to the Home screen from anywhere in Trackable Labels or Envelope Printing.

(3)help-toolbar Support - Get information on how to perform tasks using Trackable Labels and Envelope Printing. Search online content or watch a video.

(4)network-menu Network - View the current network type (wireless or Ethernet) and status and strength (for wireless connection). Allows you to turn wireless connection on or off. The icon here represents a wireless connection.

(5)global-settings-toolbar Settings - View or change your machine and application settings. For your machine, this includes adjusting the screen brightness, setting sound notification levels, and viewing wireless or Ethernet connection information. For the Envelope Printing this includes setting up automatic postage refills, external scales and barcode scanners and performing maintenance on the mail postage printer. For the Trackable Labels this includes managing your carrier accounts and setting up your shipping label printer default values.

(6)user-profile Profile - View your profile (name and email for Trackable Label account), log out, or lock your SendPro C, SendPro+ device.

UPDATED: 28 February 2022