Assembling the AddressRight 200 printer

Learn how to assemble the AddressRight 200 printer.
Products affected: AddressRight® 200 Printer

Tools required

  • Standard #2 Phillips head screwdriver

Installing the Side Guides

  1. Remove the two screws [A] from each side guide block.
  2. Align the side guide screw holes with the holes in the side guide blocks.
  3. Insert the screws removed in step 1. Tighten so that the guides are firmly attached to the side guide blocks.
    Install Side Guides_229x231

Installing the Rear Media Support and Guide

  1. Install the rear media support onto the rear center plate using the two screws [A] (included).
  2. Install the two screws [B] into the top of the rear center plate.
  3. To install the rear media guide, insert adjusting knob [C] through the rear media guide and rear media support. Screw it into the rectangular washer [D].

Install Rear Media Support_1_1_352x220Install Rear Media Support_1_2_307x230

UPDATED: 15 June 2021