Replacing the metering segments (sheet separators) on the AddressRight 100

Learn how to replace the metering segments (sheet separators) on the AddressRight 100.
Products affected: AddressRight® 100 Printer

Metering Segments (sheet separators) ensure separation of pieces as they are fed. They wear and must be replaced periodically. If you experience double sheet feeding and cannot adjust the separators to prevent it, replace them.

You can order sheet separators at, supply item number 90-103-09s.

  1. Turn off and unplug the printer.
  2. Release the separator by loosening knob [A] and move the media side guides to maximum opened position.
    Replace Sheet Separators_236x163
  3. Lower the separators so that they touch the feed roller.
  4. Remove screw [B] and separator support [C]. Then remove the separator [D] by prying it out of the holder.
  5. Install a new separator and reinstall the separator support and screw.

UPDATED: 21 June 2021