How to check your balance on the Connect+ 500W, Connect+ 1000, and more

Learn how to check your balance on the Connect+ 500W, Connect+ 1000, Connect+ 2000, Connect+ 3000.
Products affected: Connect+ 500W®, Connect+ 1000®, Connect+ 2000®, and Connect+ 3000®
To check the balance of postage funds available on your Connect+, follow these steps:
  1. Select the green house at the top of the screen to go to the Home screen
  2. Select the Funds button
  3. The Funds screen displays. If necessary, select the Meter Funds tab.
  4. Select Get Balance to obtain your current postage account balance. The system will notify you once the account balance has been updated.
  5. Select OK
  6. Select Done to return to the Home screen
Postage Remaining
The postage remaining on your system displays on a button at the bottom of the Run Mail screen.

To print a report of the postage available and postage used, select Reports from the Home screen. There are three options:
  • Funds Report provides summary information for the funds used and available in the meter, total pieces run, and piece count
  • Refill Receipt report provides detailed information about the last refill
  • Refill Summary report provides summary information for the last five refills
Select Tape to print on a tape or select Start to print on an envelope.

UPDATED: 14 August 2021