Setting up a wired connection using a USB Ethernet network adapter on the DM125

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Products affected: DM125™
  1. Turn your meter off using the power switch on the back of your meter.
  2. Connect one end of your Ethernet cable into the USB Ethernet adapter and the other end into the wall outlet or router.
  3. Plug your USB Ethernet adapter into one of the USB ports on the back of your meter.
  4. Turn the power on using the switch on the back of your meter.
  5. Press Options once your meter turns on.
  6. Press Page Down twice.
  7. Select Connect-Data Centre.
  8. Select LAN settings.
  9. Select Get IP:
    • Select Automatically if you use a dynamic IP address.
    • Select Manually if you are using a static IP address. Consult with your IT department for the correct address.
  10. Press Home.
  11. To verify your connectivity, check your PB Postage balance:
    1. Press Add Postage.
    2. Select Check PBP Balance. If your postage totals display, your installation is complete.
  12. Press No to return to the Home screen.

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UPDATED: 14 August 2021