Printing additional postage on the DM100i and DM125

Learn how to add additional postage to your mail piece using the DM100i and DM125.
Products affected: DM100®i,and DM125™
If the correct postage does not display on your mail piece when using your machine, add additional postage directly on a tape, and then apply the tape to your mail piece.
  1. Place your item on the scale.
  2. Select Class.
  3. Select Other Payment.
  4. Select Postage Corr.
  5. Select the postage range that is applicable to your postage correction.
  6. Key in the postage amount needed to correct your mail. 
  7. Select OK.
IMPORTANT: Canada Post regulations stipulate that postage correction values are not allowed within the range of the Lettermail rating structure.  If the correction amount required is within this range, you must print more than one stamp to get your correction amount.  For example, you must print two stamps at $0.50 to be able to correct $1.00
  1. Select Done.
  2. Insert a tape sheet​.
  3. Apply the tape beside or below the original postal indicia as shown on the example envelopes. 
  • The tape must not overlap the original indicia or cover any address information.
  • The word "Correction" appears on the tape.
side by side postage

one below the other postage


UPDATED: 02 October 2023