How to update a postal code on the mailstation or mailstation2

Learn how to update the postal code on the mailstation or mailstation2.
Products affected: mailstation™ and mailstation2™
The postal code printed by your meter should be your postal code. If your meter is printing the incorrect postal code, a new one will need to be downloaded. The updated postal code will be made ready to download by Pitney Bowes. Contact customer support from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time. Please have your model number and the new address ready.
Once the the new postal code is ready to download, follow these steps:
  1. Connect your meter using an analog phone line or via PC Meter Connect
Note: PC Meter Connect desktop application is used by the mailstation2 only; it is not available for the mailstation.
  1. Press Funds
  2. Press the down Review arrow twice
  3. Press Enter/Yes when the display says Check amt available to download?
  4. When the balance displays press No twice
  5. If New Feature Available -Update? displays, press Enter/Yes

Note:  This will not update a custom return address.  Please advise the representative when you contact customer support for additional assistance.

UPDATED: 14 August 2021