Weighing an ink cartridge on the DM100i and DM125

Learn how to weigh an ink cartridge on the DM100i and DM125.
Products affected: DM100®i, DM125™
Weigh your ink cartridge to determine how much ink is in your cartridge:
  1. Open your top cover.
    • Your DM125™ meter may need its scale removed before you can remove the ink tank.
  2. Select Replace Ink Tank.
  3. Remove your ink cartridge.
  4. Close the latch and then the cover.
  5. Replace your scale if it was removed.
  6. Select Continue.
  7. Select Seal Only Mode.
  8. Press Weigh/Rate.
  9. Place your ink cartridge on the scale.
  10. Select Rate Mail on Scale. Note the weight of your ink cartridge.
    • Full ink cartridges weigh 71 grams.
    • Empty ink cartridges weigh 40 grams.
  11. Remove your ink cartridge from the platform.
  12. Press Clear.
  13. Select Install Ink Tank.
  14. If your ink cartridge is not empty, reinstall it. If your ink cartridge is empty, install a new one.

UPDATED: 02 October 2023