How to manually feed sets on the DF400

Learn how to manually feed sets the DF400.
Products affected: OfficeRight™ DF400
It is possible to feed sets of 2 sheets of 20 lb bond paper (stapled or not). Such sets are fed manually. The maximum thickness of a set, including staple, cannot be more than (0.06").

NOTE: If sets are stapled, ensure the staple is parallel to the leading (top) edge, not vertical or at an angle (see the illustration). A "D" fold cannot be done on multi-sheet sets.
Staple location for manual feed

Use this procedure to feed sets:
  1. Remove paper from the input feed tray before doing manual feeds
  2. Set the Output stacker tray to receive the folded paper
  3. Insert the paper into the manual feed slot until it hits the bottom
  4. To allow the folded page to have the address panel or top of printed page showing, paper should be loaded face up with the address edge going into the folder first
  5. Ensure the paper is centred in the feed slot and falls between the side guides
  6. Press the Start/Stop button. The folder feeds and folds the paper.
  7. When folded, the screen displays the message CHECK PAPER
  8. To fold more paper, repeat steps 2 through 6 until the job is finished; otherwise, press the Reset button to display the Ready screen

UPDATED: 24 May 2022