How to set the accounting period on the DM300C, DM400C and more

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Products affected: DM300C™, DM400C™, and DM475™
  1. Press Menu
  2. Press Page Down to scroll through the list
  3. Select Accounts. The Accounts screen displays.
Note:  If the supervisor password is enabled, you may need to enter it to gain access to all of the accounting functions.
  1. Press the Page Down to scroll through the list.and select Acct Period. The Accounting Period screen displays.  
  2. Select Edit Start of Fiscal Year to change the start date
  3. Enter the date in MMDDYY format
  4. Select OK
Note 1:  You can enter a start date that is within the current year. For example, if today’s date is 1/20/2009, you can enter a start date back to 1/21/2008.
Note 2:  Once you run a transaction you cannot change the start date of the fiscal year until you clear the accounting data, which is normally cleared when the fiscal year ends.
  1. Select Periods: # to change the number of accounting periods during your fiscal year
  2. Select the number periods for your fiscal year from the list (Annual, Twice a year, Quarterly, Monthly, Custom). If necessary, use Page Down to scroll through the list.
  3. If you select Custom, the Custom Period screen displays. Go to step 10. Otherwise, select Continue and go to step 17.
  4. You can set up two custom periods. The start date for both periods is the date you activate the custom periods. You cannot change the start date.
  5. Select End Date 1 to set the end date for the first custom period
  6. Type in the date in MMDDYY format and select OK
  7. Select End Date 2 to set the end date for the second custom period
  8. Type in the date in MMDDYY format and select OK
Note 1:  The end date for the second period must always be the same as, or after the end for, the first custom period.
Note 2:  For custom periods only, you can extend the end dates at any time. The end date for custom period 2 must always be the same as or after the end date for custom period 1.
Note 3:  Once the end date of the custom period is reached, you must clear the account data, extend the end date, or both. You will be prompted to print the data before it is cleared.
Note 4:   When the period expires, you will not be allowed to run mail until you either clear the data or extend the period.
  1. Select Continue
  2. Press Enter to continue
  3. Press Home

UPDATED: 14 August 2021