Updating your software version on the mailstation2

Learn how to update your software version on the mailstation2.
Products affected: mailstation2™ (K7C2)
Make sure that your system is connected using SmartLink™ or PC Meter Connect to communicate with the Pitney Bowes Data Centre.

Click on the link for your usual connection method for detailed meter software update instructions.

Using SmartLink™
Unless a lock code is enabled, meters that are always powered on and connected via SmartLink™ get updated automatically.

If you use a lock code, unlock the meter and follow these steps to update your meter:
  1. Press the Funds key.
  2. Press the Review down arrow key until you see Check amt available to download?.
  3. Press Enter/Yes. Your meter connects with the Data Centre and displays various messages as it attempts to connect.
  4. The PB Postage balance displays, press Enter/Yes.
  5. When prompted to Refill Postage?, press No.
  6. If prompted with New Software Available- Update? press Enter/Yes.
  7. Your meter displays the status of the download.  The download completes in approximately 5 - 20 minutes.
  8. When your meter displays the prompt Download Complete, press Enter/Yes.
  9. Depending on your meter configuration, one or more messages displays. Press Enter/Yes for each message. Once complete, the meter returns to the Home screen.
  • If you see a message indicating another connection is required, follow steps 2–6 above to download and install the additional updates.

Using PC Meter Connect™
  1. Double-click the PC Meter Connect icon on the computer desktop.
  2. Click the Updates tab from the PC Meter Connect main window. The meter verifies and completes any available updates.
  3. Click Continue when prompted.
  4. Click Done.

Warning! Do not unplug your power cord or remove the network cords from your meter while updating, as this may cause damage to your meter. However, if your meter has been unresponsive for more than 15 minutes:
  1. Disconnect the power cord
  2. Wait one minute
  3. Plug your meter's power cord back in
  4. Restart the update process

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UPDATED: 04 October 2023