Understanding fees and charges on your invoice

Learn how to understanding fees and charges on your invoice.
Learn more about possible fees and charges that may appear on your invoice or bill. Typical fees include:

CSP Charge
Comprehensive Service Plan (CSP) is your Service Agreement with Pitney Bowes for the equipment. This includes all maintenance calls, any on-site technical calls, over-the-phone help, and replacements if necessary. This charge is determined from the initial time the contract is signed for a lease or rental. 

PitneyWorks® Transaction Fee
PitneyWorks® is a line of credit extended to you from Pitney Bowes. You are charged a transaction fee for borrowing the money for postage, with the advantage of being billed for the amount instead of having to prepay your postage account. Also, Pitney Bowes must pay back Canada Post™ for every refill at the end of every business day. The transaction fee covers the cost of extending postage immediately.

Reset Charges
A reset charge is an administrative fee billed each time postage is downloaded into the meter, and was agreed upon when signing the lease or rental contract.

PDI Charges
PDI are Past Due Interest Charges for payments that are received after the due date on your Leasing invoice. All invoices payments are due on the 1st of the month.

UPDATED: 21 June 2023