"No Print Head Found" on the mailstation series

Learn how to resolve a "No Print Head Found" message on the mailstation and mailstation2.
Products affected: mailstation™, mailstation2™


Your meter displays the message No Print head found.


Your meter does not detect the print head.


Try these solutions to restart your meter and reseat the print head:

Solution 1: Try restarting your meter

  1. Unplug your power cord from the back of your meter.
  2. Wait one minute.
  3. Plug your power cord back into your meter.
If you still experience poor print quality, try Solution 2.

Solution 2: Reinstall the ink cartridge and print head

  1. Press Menu.
  2. Press Review (down), when the meter displays Use ink functions?, press Enter/Yes.
  3. Press Review (down), when the meter displays Install new print head, press Enter/Yes.
  4. Open the machine cover.
  5. Remove the ink cartridge and set it aside.
  6. Squeeze the latches holding the print head cover in place and lift the print head cover.
Important: Do not touch the bottom of the print head.
  1. Remove the print head by pulling it out by one of the black tabs.
  2. Reinstall the print head into the machine.
  3. Close the print head guard until it clicks.
  4. Reinstall the ink cartridge.
  5. Close the ink cartridge latch, making sure that it is securely latched and stays down.
  6. Close the machine cover.
  7. When the meter displays the message IMPORTANT - Is print head/ink installed?, press Enter/Yes.
  8. Insert your tape sheet or envelope to print a test pattern.  
  9. When meter displays the message is test pattern OK?, select the appropriate option:
    • If the test pattern is good, without broken lines or smeared ink, press Enter/Yes.
good test pattern mailstation
  • If the test pattern is bad, run the maintenance function:
 bad test pattern mailstation
  1. Press Clear/Back.
  2. When Use Ink Function? displays, press Enter/Yes.
  3. Press Review (down) until the meter displays Clean Printer Nozzles?, press Enter/Yes.
  4. The maintenance function runs.  Once complete, follow the prompts to run another test pattern. Repeat this function up to three times, if needed, to improve poor print quality.
Use the Contact Us options below if you need further assistance. Have your model and serial number ready.

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UPDATED: 14 August 2021