Error Code: 019861001A, How to resolve on the Connect+ 500W, Connect+ 1000 and more

Learn how to resolve error code 019861001A on the Connect+ 500W, Connect+ 1000, Connect+ 2000, and Connect+ 3000.
Products affected: Connect+ 500W®, Connect+ 1000®, Connect+ 2000®, and Connect+ 3000®


The Connect+® displays error code 0198-61-001A, and will not seal.


The Connect+ is out of EZ-seal®.


Follow the directions below to Refill the EZ-seal sealing solution bottle, or select disable sealing.
  1. Open your supplies cover and lift out the envelope sealant bottle. The bottle is located to the far left of the tape roll.
  2. Remove the cap from the bottle
  3. Add enough E-Z Seal to bring the level up to the bottom of the throat of the bottle
    • Do not overfill the envelope sealant bottle
    • Make sure you do not spill any solution in the tape well. If the tape gets wet, it can warp and cause a stoppage.
  4. Replace and tighten the cap and return the bottle to its original position
  5. Close the supplies cover
If your issue is not resolved, contact customer support from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time. Have your model number ready.

UPDATED: 14 June 2021