How to resolve Postal Security Device (PSD) errors on the Connect+ 500W, Connect+ 1000 and more

Learn how to resolve Weigh on the Way errors on the Connect+ 500W, Connect+ 1000, Connect+ 2000 and Connect+ 3000.
Products affected: Connect+ 500W®, Connect+ 1000®, Connect+ 2000®, and Connect+ 3000®


The meter shows one of the following error codes: 

1806-10-017, 0186-61-0002, 0186-61-0003, 0193-21-0004, 0193-41-000A, 0193-41-000C, 0193-41-000E, 0193-61-0005, 0193-61-0007, 0193-61-0009, 019C-21-0001, 019C-61-0002, 019C-61-0003, 019C-61-0004, 019C-61-0005, 019C-61-0006, 019C-61-0007, 019C-61-0008, 019C-61-0009, 019C-61-000A, 019C-61-000C, 019C-61-001, 04182-20-05D, 081D-61-0005, 081D-61-000D, 0186-61-0005, 0193-21-0003, 0193-61-0008, 0198-61-0013, 0186-81-0001, 0195-61-0011, 018D-81-0003, 018D-81-0004, 018D-81-0005, 018D-81-0006, 018D-81-0007, 0195-61-002B, 0195-61-002D, 0195-61-002E, 0195-61-002F, 0195-61-0030, 0195-61-0032, 0195-61-0033, 0195-61-0034, 0195-61-0035, 0195-61-0036, 0195-61-0037, 0198-41-000A, 0204-A2-025D, 0810-41-0808, 0810-81-0147, 0810-81-0807, 0810-A1-0806, 081D-61-0004, 081D-61-0006, 081D-61-0008, 081D-61-0009, 081D-61-000A, 081D-61-000B, 081D-61-000C, 081D-61-000E, 081D-61-0010, 081D-61-0011, 0810-41-01D1, 020C-41-0002, 0810-41-0011, 020C-41-0002, 020C-41-0003, 0810-41-0157, 081D-61-000F, 0197-21-0011, 020C-21-000B, 0810-41-0805


You have an error related to the Postal Security Device.


You can troubleshoot PSD issues by checking to see if the Connect+ is communicating over the internet, and rebooting the Connect+.

To check if the Connect+ is communicating over the internet. Follow these steps:
  1. Clear any error messages
  2. Select the house at the top of the screen to go to the home screen
  3. Select Funds.
  4. If the screen that comes up is a blank white screen then the Connect+ is not communicating
  5. Refer to the Connect+ connection troubleshooting guide or Connection issues on the Connect+ Series and SendPro P-Series for further instructions
To safely reboot the Connect+, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the home screen by selecting the green house at the top of the screen
  2. Select the Gear icon from the lower right corner
  3. Select Shut Down from the menu
  4. Select Shut Down on the pop up
  5. Wait for the screen to go black and the blue light on the front to go out
    • This may take several minutes
  6. After everything has been off for 10 seconds, press the power button to turn on the Connect+
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UPDATED: 14 August 2021