How to resolve Accounting Period Ended messages on DM125 with Inview Accounting

Learn how to resolve Accounting Period Ended messages on the DM125 with Inview Accounting.
Product affected: DM125™


The meter displays one of the following messages: Accounting Period Ended, Account Period Invalid, or Period Ended - Must clear period data to continue, and you can not run mail.


Your accounting period has expired, or your transaction log is full.


To clear the accounting system messages on your meter, you must print and clear your transaction log to allow the inclusion of new transactions; then you must set your accounting period. For example, at the end of your fiscal year, the following message will appear on the Home screen: Period Ended - Must clear period data to continue. Your accounting data must be cleared, and then your accounting period, or fiscal year, must be reset before you can continue processing mail.
Important: Once your account information is cleared, you cannot retrieve it. Ensure your reports print correctly before you clear the transaction log.

Follow these steps to print and clear the transaction log on your DM125™:

    Select Account. The End of Accounting Period screen displays.
    Select Print Reports. Follow the prompts to print a copy of your reports. Alternately, or in addition to printing reports, you may transfer all data using PC Transfer.
    Select Clear All Data. The Confirm Clear Account Data screen displays.
    Select Yes to clear your data. Once your account data clears, the Accounts Setup menu displays.
    Press Page Down, and select Acct Period. The Accounting Period screen displays. You can now set up your accounting period for your new fiscal year.

Reminder: The next step after clearing the transaction log is to set up your fiscal year (or accounting period) so your mailing system can track transactions under the proper accounting dates used within your organization.

UPDATED: 02 October 2023