Changing or resetting your password in PitneyShip Pro

If you do not know your password, you can reset it.
Products affected: PitneyShip™ Pro

If you do not know your PitneyShip Pro password, you can reset it.

  1. Go to the PitneyShip Pro signin page.
  2. Click the Forgot your password? link.
  3. In the Email field, enter your PitneyShip Pro username (email address).
  4. Click Send Reset Link.
  5. A password reset email will be sent to your email address. It may take up to 5 minutes for this email to arrive.
  6. Follow the instructions in the email to change your password.

If the password reset email is not received, check your junk and spam folders.

Note: If your organization uses Single Sign-On (SSO), then you will need to use your internal procedures to reset your password.

UPDATED: 10 November 2022