Setting up a Loomis account in PitneyShip Pro

In order to ship with Loomis, you first need to set up your Loomis account in PitneyShip Pro.
Products affected: PitneyShip™ Pro

In order to ship with Loomis in PitneyShip Pro, you first need to set up your Loomis account in PitneyShip Pro.

The features and options you see may vary depending upon your role. If you have any questions regarding your permissions, please contact your administrator.

  1. Select Settings > Carriers.
  2. Select Add Carrier.
  3. In the Carrier Display Name field, enter a name for the account.
  4. From the Select Carrier menu, select Loomis.
  5. Under Access Level, select which divisions and locations will have access to this account:
    • Enterprise: All divisions and locations
    • Division: Select the desired divisions
    • Location: Select the desired locations
  6. If you do not yet have an account with Loomis, select Create new Loomis Account and follow the instructions, then return to the Connect my Loomis Account screen to continue.
    Create new Loomis Account
  7. In the User ID field, enter your Loomis user ID.
  8. In the User Password field, enter your Loomis password.
  9. In the Account Number field, enter your Loomis account number.
  10. Select Add Carrier.

UPDATED: 18 August 2023