Troubleshoot creating a Your Account profile for online access

Troubleshooting steps to resolve difficulties that may arise when registering for a Your Account profile.

Email is Already Registered 

The email address that is being entered to create the new profile has already been set up for online access.
 Select the Sign In Now  link to go to the login page.
💡Tip: Use the Forgot your password link to reset your password. How to Reset a Password

The System is Not Accepting the Account Number

The system has not recognized the account number that has been entered. 
  1. Confirm the country flag in the top right corner reflects the same country as the account address.
💡Tip: To change the country select the flag. 
  1. Verify the account number was entered correctly.
  2. If the account is still not recognized select the chat bubble in the bottom right of this page to connect with a representative.

We can't find that serial number or meter number in our system.

The serial/meter number used for validation has not been recognized.
  1. Verify the 7 digit serial/meter number was entered correctly. 
  2. Choose a different validation method from the dropdown list (i.e Invoice number or recent invoice amount). 
  3. If you are still not able to complete registration, select the chat bubble in the bottom right of this page to connect with a representative.

Authentication email was not received 

The Your Account profile has been created, but the email verification step to activate the profile has not been received.
  1. Check your email junk or spam folder and perform a search for the email address
💡 Tip: This email can take up to 30mins to be received.
  1.  Have the email address added to your address book and retrigger the Authorization email.
💡 Tip: Companies with high network security may need to have added to their approved recipient list.
  1. Use the chat bubble at the bottom right of this page to Live Chat with a representative, if the email is still not received.

UPDATED: 31 July 2023