Postage meter and product return process

Postage Meter and Product Return Process when returning a defective product, exchanging or returning a postage meter or other product to Pitney Bowes Canada.
Please refer to this process when returning a defective product or exchanging a postage meter or other product to Pitney Bowes Canada.
  1. Locate the prepaid Purolator® weigh bill that was included in the shipment of your new product and complete the required Fields. In the “Sender/From” section, fill in your phone number, Company name and Address you are shipping from.
  2. Repackage the old postage meter or other returnable product back into the box your new replacement product was delivered in. Please ensure to include all packing materials for the protection of the product while in shipping.
  3. If you have multiple items for pick-up, contact
  4. Seal the box completely with tape to ensure the box does not come apart while in shipping.
  5. Securely affix the return label you completed in step 1, to the outside of the repackaged box. Please remove any other address labels that may be on the box.
  6. Call Purolator to come and retrieve the package: 1-888-744-7123
You have then completed the returns process.

  • If the equipment is greater than 30 kg (65lbs) please contact Pitney Bowes for assistance to process your postage meter return by email:
  • Please note, there are some remote geographical areas in Canada where Purolator does not service. These are very limited areas where access is not common or generally accessible. In these areas, it is likely that you would have to drop off the package at the nearest Purolator Depot/Agent, or contact to make alternate arrangements with Canada Post when Purolator is not available in your area.

UPDATED: 31 July 2023