PitneyWorks fees explained

PitneyWorks Fees Explained: Transaction fee, Late payment fee, Daily Interest, Returned Payment Fee, Overlimit fee.
Transaction Fee:  A transaction fee is applied anytime postage is added to your meter. The amount charged for each transaction fee is determined when the Pitney Bowes contract is signed.
💡 Tip: Avoid incurring multiple fees by downloading enough postage to last the month.
Finance charge: If maintaining an outstanding balance the Purchase Power® account will be assessed a finance charge.
💡 Tip: Avoid this charge by paying the balance in full by the due date displayed on your monthly statement.
Overage Fee: Each meter has a postage download threshold built into the agreement which is based on the recommended postage volume for each meter.  Downloads exceeding that threshold are charged a meter postage overage fee of 1% with a minimum of $1.
💡 Tip: Avoid this fee by refilling monthly for smaller amounts.  If you routinely go over the limit, you may be better served by upgrading to a bigger meter.
Late Payment Fee: A late payment fee is applied when the 'Minimum Payment' due is not received by the due date. Check payments will be posted to the account within 10 days from the date mailed.
💡 Tip: Avoid incurring Late Payment Fee's by setting up Autopay.  
Overlimit Fee: An overlimit fee is charged when the account balance exceeds the Purchase Power credit limit. 
💡 Tip: If your account frequently exceeds the credit limit consider requesting a credit limit increase that will accommodate your monthly business needs.

UPDATED: 31 July 2023