Spoiled postage refunds

Instructions on how to apply for a refund of damaged, unused or misprinted postage with Canada Post.
❗ IMPORTANT: Refunds for damaged, misprinted or printed and unused postage are issued solely at the discretion of Canada Post. 

Before submitting a refund request with Canada Post, review the following information: 
  • All meter impressions must be completely legible. 
  • Spoiled impressions must be separated by denomination and meter number. 
  • Meter impressions are not manually altered. 
  • Spoiled meter impressions totaling $5 or less will not be refunded by Canada Post.

Applying for a refund 

  1. Complete the Spoiled Postage Refund form. 
    • 💡 Tip: Combine impressions for the same value on a single line when completing the form. 
  2. Return the form including the spoiled postage impressions with one of the below methods:
    • Email: Scan and return the completed form and any spoils to meteroperations@canadapost.ca
    • Post: Complete the form, include the spoiled meter impressions and return all to:
Meter Operations
2701 Riverside Drive - SUITE B0210B 
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0B1
  1. Once the refund has been approved by Canada Post the value of the refund less any service charge will apply to the Pitney Bowes postage account.
    • Note: Refunds can take up to 4 weeks to be returned to a postage account. 
  • For refunds less than $20 a $2 service fee will apply. 
  • For refunds greater than $20, the service fee will be 10% of the total value.

UPDATED: 09 October 2023