Picking up multiple packages one locker at a time at the ParcelPoint Smart Lockers

You can pick up multiple packages from all the lockers assigned to you by opening one locker at a time.
Products affected: ParcelPoint™ Smart Lockers

The mailroom administrator can configure theParcelPoint Smart Lockers system so that each locker assigned to you opens one at a time. You open one locker, retrieve the package, close the locker and proceed to the next.

  1. Open the email containing your QR code or ID, and go to the locker kiosk.
  2. If you see this screen, tap Collect a Package. The screen you see depends on the local configuration of your lockers.
    welcom screen with collect a package button
  3. Scan the QR code or tap the Enter Pickup Code and enter the code. The screen you see depends on the local configuration of your lockers.
    collect a package screenParcelPoint Welcome to Package Pickup screen
    • If you choose to enter the pickup code, use the keyboard to enter the pickup code.
    • Tap Submit.
    If your kiosk is configured to take your picture, it displays a countdown screen.
    ParcelPoint Capture Image screen
    This screen appears for about 2 seconds. It takes your picture at the end of the 2 second period.
  4. Using your finger, sign for the package in the area provided, then tap Submit. The kiosk screen displays all of the lockers assigned to you. The first locker is open.
    ParcelPoint Signature screenParcelPoint Locker Pickup screen
  5. Go to the first open locker and collect your package and then close the door. As soon as you close the first locker door, the next one opens. The kiosk screen displays the next open locker.
  6. Go to the next locker and collect your package.
  7. Repeat this process until you close the last locker door.
  8. Go back to the kiosk and tap Done.
  9. The system displays "Pickup Complete" on the locker screen. The system returns you to the Home screen about 2 seconds after "Pickup Complete" appears.

UPDATED: 21 August 2023