Configuring locker kiosks - pick up settings using the Locker Management Module

You can set up how clients interact with kiosks within a locker bank when picking up or dropping off packages.
Products affected: ParcelPoint™ Smart Lockers, Locker Management Module

You can set up how clients interact with the kiosks within a locker bank when they pick up packages.

The features and options you see may vary depending upon your role and subscription. If you have any questions regarding your permissions, please contact your administrator.

  1. Click Kiosks.
    settings lockers menu
  2. Select the location from the Location menu, then select the locker bank from the Locker Banks menu.
    select kiosk location and bank
  3. Select Package Pick up.
  4. Set the slider for each option to ON to enable the option or OFF to disable the option.
    • Capture Recipient Photo: Set to On to have the kiosk take a picture of clients when they scan their barcode or enter their pickup code.
    • Department Mail Pickup: Set to On to allow clients to retrieve packages from lockers assigned to a department.
    • Multiple Packages: If a client has packages in multiple lockers, set this to On to open all the lockers at the same time. Otherwise, each locker opens one at a time.
    • Recipient Signature: Set to On if you want to require the client to sign for the package before retrieving it from a locker.
      Intelligent Locker AM Series package pickup settings

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UPDATED: 18 August 2023