Using the sending dashboard in PitneyAnalytics

Use the dashboard feature in Analytics to look at current or recent postange and shipping spending.
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Use the PitneyAnalytics dashboard to view current or recent sending activity and spending trends across the enterprise at a glance.

  1. Select Analytics > Dashboard.
    anayltics menu dashboard highlighted

  2. Use the filters to select the data you wish to view.
    analytics dashboard filters

    1. Filter: The default value is Division/Region.
    2. Division/Region: Select the divisions you wish to view.
    3. Location: Select the locations you wish to view.
    4. Decimal preferences: Select two or three decimal places.
    5. Date Range: Select one of the preset time periods, or select Custom Range to enter a specific date range.
    6. Refresh: Once you have selected all of your options, click the refresh icon to display the report.
  3. Select the type of shipping activity you want to display.
    dashboard sending activity
    • All
    • Shipping Labels
    • Mail and Stamps

More about the dashboard

dashboard overview

  1. Key Performance Indicators show you your sending activity at a glance.
  2. Sending Activity shows you a breakdown of activity in graphical format.
  3. Sending Activity by Location shows you a breakdown of activity in graphical format. Hover over the bubbles for highlights, and click for a detailed location snapshot.
  4. Carrier Activity shows you a breakdown of carriers and classes. Hover over the segments for more information.
  5. Cost Account Activity shows you cost and piece count for your cost accounts.

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UPDATED: 11 April 2024