Navigating the main dashboard in StreetSweeper Pro

The main dashboard provides you access to most of StreetSweeper Pro's functionality.
Products affected: StreetSweeper® Pro

You will access most functionality from the main dashboard. The main menu bar is at the top of the screen. There are several shortcuts and icons available, including:

  1. A French/English language toggle.
  2. The Help menu.
  3. System configuration and program default settings.
  4. Starting new projects or opening existing ones.
  5. Saving the Project file or exporting output files.
  6. Filtering your database to display selected records, including: 
    1. The original input file
    2. Valid records
    3. Corrected records
    4. Invalid records
    5. Duplicate records
    6. Suppressed records.

UPDATED: 04 January 2024