Creating a project in StreetSweeper Pro

New users will learn how to create a new job file in StreetsSweeper Pro.
Products affected: StreetSweeper® Pro

You will import a data file to start a new project.

  1. Select File > New Project. You can also create a new project by clicking the +New Project icon from the dashboard. You will import a data file to start a new project. You can import a variety of different data formats into your project. These include:
    • MS Acess
    • MS Excel
    • Text files (.tab, .csv, fixed length)
    • DB2
  2. When prompted by your browser, select your input file.

Text format input file

  1. Select your text file format.
  2. Select your Character Set, if applicable.
  3. Indicate whether your first row is a header row.
  4. Indicate if all columns should be loaded as text.
  5. Select Continue.

All other input files

  1. Under Project Details: 
    1. Enter the Project name if you do not want the default file name.
    2. If required, select a Customer.
  2. To split a combined first and last name field, select the appropriate Split Name_1 Field option.
  3. If you are using a saved Profile, select from Profile.
  4. Identify the fields in your file by dragging the appropriate Field Name from the left column to the first field of the displayed data. Where possible, StreetSweeper Pro has identified address fields.  
    1. If you drop a field in the wrong location, drag it back to the left column.
    2. To merge two fields together, drop the same Field Name onto two different data rows.
    3. Use the scroll bars to see more of your data.
  5. When your fields have been identified, select OK. If any of your fields have been merged, you will be asked to drag them into the correct order.

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UPDATED: 23 January 2024