Exporting your Project file in StreetSweeper Pro

You can export your Project file at any point.
Products affected: StreetSweeper® Pro

You can export your Project file at any point.

  1. Select Presort > Export Presort.
  2. Choose the fields you wish to have exported in your file by checking the appropriate boxes under Select Information.
  3. Choose the type of records to include in your export file by selecting the relevant status codes in the Filter Records By box. Uncoded records (foreign or with a missing or invalid postal code) can be excluded from the file by checking the Exclude Uncoded box.
  4. If you have run NCOA and/or CMA processing on your file, you can select the types of records to export by checking the appropriate options in the NCOA box.
  5. If you have presorted your file, you can export your file in presort order by ensuring the Presort Sequence box has been checked under Presort Data.
  6. Select the format of your export file using the drop-down under Output Format. If you wish to export duplicate fields, ensure Output Duplicate Fields is checked.
  7. If you have selected a flat file export format (csv, tab, fixed length, specified delimiter), you can select the appropriate character set using the options in the Character Set box.
  8. When you are satisfied with the options you have selected, select OK. Choose an output folder and filename to save your file.

UPDATED: 04 January 2024