Troubleshooting downloading a copy invoice or statement

Instructions for resolving issues when attempting to donwload a copy of an invoice or statement in your online account.


You are unable to view or download a copy of an invoice or statement from your online portal.


Solution 1: Invoice or statement is older than 18 months 

Invoices or statements older than 18 months are not available through the online portal, please chat with for us for invoices or statements older than 18 months.

Solution 2: Your billing account is not linked to your online account

  1. Select the Account Number menu to view all accounts associated with the account type you selected.
    account number ca image_357x132

  2. If the account number for the invoice or statement you need is not listed, learn how to Add accounts to your online profile.

If you still cannot download your invoice or statement, please chat with us.

UPDATED: 09 May 2024