Locating the Model or Serial Number on your meter

Learn where the model (PCN) and serial number is located on your meter.

Finding the Serial Number on your Meter

The 7-digit meter serial number is the identification number that is registered with Canada Post™ for the postage meter license. It is different from the Product Code Number (PCN), which identifies the meter model using letters and numbers. For example: K700, or DM100i™.

For help on locating on your PCN, click here.

First, locate your Postage by Phone® account number
Your 8-digit Postage by Phone (PBP) account number is located in the welcome packet you receive upon signing up. You can also find it on your Postage by Phone statement.

Three Ways to Find the Serial Number on any meter:

  1. On the meter ID tag - The meter serial number is located on an identification tag on the back, bottom of the meter or inside the top panel.  Depending on the meter model, it may be referred to as a Meter Number, a Serial Number, Meter Stamp Serial Number, or a similar variation.meter id tag
  2. On the indicia/meter stamp - The meter serial number can also be found on the indicia/meter stamp, which varies from model to model.

    indicia meter stamp

  3. On a printed report - The meter serial number can be identified through a printed report, such as a funds report, where the meter number is labeled as either a PB Serial No or a PBI Serial No.