Latest Canada Post Announcements

Canada Post has announced that postal rates for all classes and sizes of letters will increase for both meter and postal indicia on Monday, 11 January 2021.

Some key changes for 2021

  • Meter price for domestic standard letter 0-30 g changes to $0.90 from $0.89
  • Meter price increase to other domestic, USA and international classes and weights.
  • Meter price increase for Incentive Lettermail and Canada Post Personalized Mail™.

For comparison purposes

  • Single paper stamp for domestic standard letter 0-30g is $1.07.
  • Stamps purchased in booklet or coil are $0.92 each

For more details on the announced prices and changes, visit


Automatically save 2¢ on every letter up to 100 g mailed within Canada.

While postal rates are increasing, the good news is that postage meter users will automatically save on every class and size of letter mail when compared to the price of paper stamps. The commercial discount on letters you prepare using the postage meter can quickly add up to big savings.  There are even greater savings if you are preparing and sending mixed mail of various weights and sizes to domestic and international destinations, including USA. (Savings range from 1 cent to 58 cents.)


Domestic Rates

Domestic Letter Meter Rates  

Postal Indicia

Single Stamps  

Book or Coil (per stamp)

Standard (S/L)        
0-30g $0.90 $0.92 $1.07 $0.92
30-50g $1.28 $1.30 $1.30 $1.30
Other (Non-standard and Oversize)          
up to 100g $1.92 $1.94 $1.94 $1.94
>100-200g $3.11 $3.19 $3.19 n/a
>200-300g $4.36 $4.44 $4.44 n/a
>300-400g $4.94 $5.09 $5.09 n/a
>400-500g $5.30 $5.47 $5.47 n/a


Incentive Letter Rates

 Machineable      Meter Rates  
Standard (S/L)     
0-30g   $0.85
30-50g   $1.11
Other (O/S)    
up to 100g   $1.78
>100-500g   n/a



Do Not Forward   $0.01 per item bearing "Do Not Forward" endorsement
Registered Mail                     $9.75 + applicable letter mail postage
Signature Hard Copy after mailing : $7.25
Additional Liability Coverage     $2.25 per $100 (up to a maximum of $5000)


USA Rates

USA Letter Meter rate  Stamp 
Standard (S/L)    
0-30 g $1.29 $1.30
30-50g $1.93 $1.94
Other (Non-standard and Oversize)    
up to 100g $3.01 $3.19
>100 to 200g $5.44 $5.57
>200-500g $10.85 $11.14


International Rates

International Letter Meter rate Stamp
Standard (S/L)    
0-30 g $2.64 $2.71
30-50g $3.84 $3.88
Other (Non-standard and Oversize)    
up to 100g $6.24 $6.39
>100 to 200g $10.85 $11.14
>200-500g $21.70 $22.28


More information?

For details and instructions on how to download the new rates, visit our Update Meter Rates page.  If you're not a Pitney Bowes customer and want to take advantage of these savings, see our wide range of digital postage meters.