How to create an online account

UPDATED: July 5 2018 

Creating an online account gives you a wide variety of account management tools, such as: 

Note:  If your only Pitney Bowes product is SendPro® or pbSmartPostage™, you may not have an account number. Contact Account Support by chat for assistance.

Create an online account profile

1. Select this link Sign up now

2. Complete the required fields and select Continue. 

  • Email address – will be used for notifications regarding your account
  • Account Number: located at the top of your invoice or statement (options include):
    • 10-digit account number for lease, rental service or supply invoices
    • 16-digit account number for PitneyWorks®; 
    • 8-digit account number for Postage by Phone® 

3. Provide one of the following additional piece of information to verify your account and select Submit

  • Serial/Meter Number
  • Invoice Number
  • Serial/Meter Number
  • Recent Invoice Amount
  • Web Registration Number (Software Solution Clients only)

4. Complete all required information fields and select Submit

5. After submitting the form we will send an authentication email with a link to complete the Registration. Note: If you do not receive an email, check your junk or spam folder.