What is IntelliLink Package Services

IntelliLink® Package Services provides a range of discounts from Canada Post™ and a whole new level of mail centre productivity.

IntelliLink™ Package Services is a shipping application that provides you with a wide range of discounts from Canada Post™ and provides a whole new level of mail centre productivity. It automatically weighs, rates and records the shipping details of each package. It also prints a label from an attached printer to the meter. This software is compatible with the following machines: DM300C™, DM400C™, DM475™ and Connect+™ Series meters.

The IntelliLink Control Centre has the memory capacity to store up to a maximum of 1000 parcel shipment transactions. However, due to connectivity issues, it is strongly recommended that you upload on a regular basis, daily if possible, and do not attempt uploads where the number of transactions exceeds 200 parcel shipments.

Uploading on a daily basis is also recommended because doing so will you to take better advantage of the Canada Post Track and Trace feature on the Canada Post Website.

The steps are simple (detailed instructions are included in the IntelliLink™ Package Services Instructions):

  • Weigh the package
  • Select the desired Canada Post service
    • Priority Next A.M. ™
    • Xpresspost™
    • Expedited Parcel™
    • Regular Parcel™
  • Enter the destination postal code
  • Apply the shipping label and postage indicia to your package
  • Connect the IntelliLink™ Control Centre to upload the package details

The IntelliLink™ Control Centre uploads your package details and automatically assigns it a package ID Number. This number is a unique identifier that can be found on your shipping label. By referencing this Item Number, Canada Post can track the delivery of your parcel.

How to print receipts or reports for parcel shipment?
The "Print Receipts" feature can only be accessed when you upload your transaction data. When uploading to your data, you will be prompted to print a receipt tape for each parcel, which provides unique information for each parcel that includes the following:

  • Package ID: This is the number that can be used to track shipments through Canada Post.    
  • Destination Post Code: This is the Postal Code of the parcel's destination.
  • Customer Reference: After entering the destination Postal Code when rating a parcel, the system will prompt the operator to enter customer reference information (alphanumeric). This is a useful identifier for who shipped the parcel in case you want to track the parcel at a later time. Entering this information is not mandatory.

UPDATED: 15 July 2021