Analogue Update

Connection Update | Pitney Bowes Canada

Important Analogue Connection Update

You need to change the way you connect your Pitney Bowes meter as soon as possible.

Analogue connection

To avoid disruptions to your mail operations, we recommend that you switch to a digital connection.

Not able to use a digital internet connection?

Ensure that the dial-in number that your postage meter uses to connect to Pitney Bowes using analogue (landline) phone services reflects recent changes. Your meter uses this telephone number to connect to Pitney Bowes to download postage funds, software updates and postal rates.

Icon important information IMPORTANT: Complete this phone number change as soon as possible.

Find your meter below and follow the instructions to change your dial-in number.



Recommendation: Switch to a Digital Connection

Connect your meter to Pitney Bowes using an internet connection (e.g. SmartLink). Save money and get more reliable and faster transmissions when you switch to a digital connection.

Order your SmartLink


Go to our webshop to buy the connectivity kit you need to get started with a digital internet connection.

Visit our connectivity page to learn how to switch from an analogue (landline) to a digital internet connection.


mailstation2 (K7EC/K7C2)


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DM100i (P7EC)/DM125 (PREC)


View Instructions DM100i

View Instructions DM125


DM300c, DM400c, DM475 (G910) Series


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DM Mega DM400-DM1000 (1CEC/1DEC/1TEC) Series


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