Save big with discounts on UPS® shipping rates through PitneyShip® Pro

Never spend full price on UPS deliveries again. Find out how you can save up to 68% on your UPS shipping and eliminate pesky surcharges.

How do I get shipping discounts with UPS?

Using PitneyShip® Pro means you’ll access the reach and reliability of UPS delivery services at more affordable rates. You can pay less for domestic and international services by as much as 68% and get special perks like avoiding some surcharges, such as Saturday delivery, and access to discounted fees. Plus, convenient, self-serve solutions and the ability to print shipping labels in-house will save valuable time. With Pitney Bowes, capitalizing on discounts and special UPS offers like these couldn’t be easier.

How much can my business save on UPS shipping?

Shipping with UPS gives companies a range of advantages, from convenient pickup and drop-off options to guaranteed on-time delivery through a reliable network. There are services for expedited arrivals and more economic choices if you have the time to spare (explore all UPS delivery options in Which UPS shipping option should I choose?).

Shipping with PitneyShip® Pro and UPS is well worth it. But you should never pay too much, even for a good thing. On-demand access to discount rates can help you bump up your budget and grow your business.

For every shipment you make, we’ll instantly help you save money on many daily rates. With your PitneyShip Pro account, you can:

  • Save up to 68% off UPS Standard® shipments
  • Save up to 65% off UPS Worldwide Expedited®, UPS Worldwide Express® and UPS Worldwide Saver® services

Avoid paying UPS surcharges and get discounted fees, too

Discounted delivery rates are just the start of your UPS savings with PitneyShip Pro software solutions. We all know that even when a rate looks low, surcharges can still add up. With Pitney Bowes, you won’t need to pay:

  • Residential surcharges
  • Return label lurcharges
  • Electronic return label surcharges

Plus, get access to discounted fees such as:

  • Delivery area charges
  • Pickup fees
  • Delivery confirmation/signature service fees
  • Saturday delivery fees

Don’t let a mountain of additional charges eat away at your revenue. Take advantage of predictable savings. It’s found money you can invest in other areas of your business.

Get all the benefits of the reliable UPS network, at lower rates

Shipping with UPS gives businesses and eCommerce retailers options for guaranteed on-time delivery. The reliable UPS network gets your packages where they need to go, whether they’re headed down the street or coast-to-coast. You can benefit from:

  • Expedited shipping options like UPS Express® Early for urgent AM deliveries
  • Predictable flat rate shipping prices through UPS Standard®
  • Services that include guaranteed delivery or your money back
  • Overnight, Next-day, two-day, and three-day, and more UPS international shipping options through UPS Worldwide Expedited®, UPS 3 Day Select®, and UPS Standard®
  • Convenient package pickup and drop off at any of thousands of retail locations
  • Saturday pickup and delivery options
  • Liability coverage up to $100 on shipments

Every service has different advantages to save time or money depending on your delivery needs. For more on what might work best for you, read: Which UPS shipping option should I choose?

Optimize your shipping service for more UPS discounts

Another way to get UPS discounts is by determining what service levels you are willing to pay for. The following are great areas to assess when looking at ways to reduce your overall shipping rates:

Pick-up — Getting packages picked up at your location may cost more than dropping them off at one of UPS’s drop-off locations. You may be able to negotiate with the shipping carrier for free pick-up as part of your contract negotiations.

Volume — If you spread your volume among carriers like Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, and Purolator, you may not be able to take advantage of the greatest discounts for any of them individually. UPS has a rate chart showing savings based on volume.

Packaging — UPS’s branded boxes (like UPS Worldwide Express) are free for those who use UPS shipping services. Offering free packaging is another way to help you save.

Delivery time — If you can change the delivery time for your packages, you can save money on shipping. Worldwide Express Saver®, for instance, could be a more economic choice than UPS Worldwide Express and Worldwide Express plus®, respectively, and may not make a huge difference in arrival time. Moves like these make a huge difference if your ecommerce company offers free shipping.

Saving on UPS shipping is easier with Pitney Bowes

PitneyShip® Pro software allows you to save up to 68% on UPS rates. Pre-negotiated rates will depend on shipping service, package weight, and the delivery journey. No matter what, you’ll find opportunities to save big.

Don’t worry, we have a rate calculator with a Best Match tool that automates the entire process. It’s designed to make shipping fast, simple, and cost-effective. You’ll even be able to search across carriers to ensure you’re paying as little as possible.

PitneyShip® Pro software saves time, money and stress

PitneyShip Pro software allows your business to tap into the UPS network and access lower rates. When you use PitneyShip Pro, you benefit from these low rates plus so much more.

  • Rate shop across carriers and help select delivery services using the Best Match recommendation tool
  • Up to 68% off UPS shipping labels with no minimum monthly volume requirements
  • Same day and overnight delivery options
  • Your free PitneyShip Pro UPS account can be created at time of subscription or in product
  • Eliminated some common surcharges and discounted fees
  • Additional declared value coverage available for more valuable packages

For eCommerce, Pitney Bowes offers modular logistics services so small and medium businesses can easily scale up or down to meet demand.

  • Designed Delivery services: Model the right mix of transportation speed and cost to match your unique needs
  • Designed Return services: Blend technology and transportation to build a flexible, efficient experience for you and your customers
  • Designed Cross-Border services: Configure technology and logistic for every stage of business maturity
  • Designed Fulfillment services: Scalable and flexible with on-time shipping, inventory management and custom branding

With the right partner by your side, you’ll never pay more than you need to on deliveries. Pitney Bowes helps clients succeed by simplifying the complexities of commerce and enabling billions of transactions around the world. It's easy to access cheap UPS shipping options, create discounted labels, and more with Pitney Bowes shipping software.