How Pitney Bowes Can Upgrade Your Office Operations

With end-to-end shipping and receiving solutions, smart storage and more, Pitney Bowes is here to help you do business better.

The world is adapting to a new way of working—and grappling with all the questions that go along with it. With so many employees working remotely, how do you get a clear view into how they’re using resources? Can you track what they’re spending before the invoices hit your inbox? What about ensuring sensitive assets stay secure, now that you can’t just hand them off to a colleague? Organizations around the world are overhauling their workflows to address these challenges.

As a strategic partner to 90% of Fortune 500 companies, Pitney Bowes has a proven record of helping businesses overcome their biggest logistical challenges. Let’s look at the ways we can help you.

Person delivering shipping box

Cutting-edge shipping

Situation: The office mail room as we knew it is gone. Remote employees are shipping from different locations using various carriers, and you’re swimming in a sea of invoices.

Solution: PitneyShip® Pro removes the complexity organizations face in their current shipping operations. With this cloud-based shipping tool, employees can access discounted rates through a variety of carriers (Including Canada Post, UPS and FedEx). And rather than dealing with weekly invoices from each of these carriers, you send a single payment.

Beyond the discounts and streamlined payment features, a big benefit to PitneyShip Pro is its ease of use. Since the tool is easily accessible in the cloud, it’s ideal for a distributed workforce. Permissions-based controls provide the flexibility to add and remove users as needed, and it comes with a rich variety of features, including electronic return receipts and the option to upload large batches of orders. The tool is built to scale to the level needed, whether you have 100 or thousands of employees placing shipments.

Take it to the next level: With integrated analytics, PitneyShip Pro identifies areas of improvement in carrier performance and overall savings. Savings opportunities are automatically built in, giving you a clear view of your spend and potential optimizations.

Women scanning QR code

Visibility made easy

Situation: A remote employee needs to send a broken laptop in for servicing, and it’s up to you to ensure it arrives at IT without a hitch.

Solution: Our SendSuite® Tracking software allows you to track a package with a simple barcode scan (that you can do from your phone) and receive real-time status of its movement, so you’re always aware of where the item is, where it’s been and where it’s heading. You can easily add any stakeholders who need updates on the package, plus create reports of successful, attempted or refused deliveries.

Take it to the next level: Think outside the inbound box. If you’re sending out packages to your remote workforce, SendSuite Tracking allows you to view the chain of custody for outbound packages, too. It also seamlessly syncs with our smart locker systems (more on these below!).

Shipping box delivery

Smart storage and expedited receipt

Situation: Packages keep arriving at the office for employees who are now working from home. The reception desk is piled up, and you’re worried about items getting misplaced or stolen.

Solution: Flexible, contactless options are key to making everyone happy. Rerouting packages is an option—and it’s easy to do when you have Sendsuite® Tracking—but for local pickups or sensitive asset transfers, it’s hard to beat a smart locker system. When a package is placed in a ParcelPoint™ Smart Locker, the recipient receives an email with a unique, scannable code for claiming it, which they can do securely at a time that’s convenient for them. The locker system tracks chain of custody throughout, so you’ll have a birds-eye view of the asset’s location every step of the way.

Take it to the next level: If overflowing mail is your issue, consider a digital mailroom assistant to eliminate the need to process and keep physical copies of mail. The system scans all incoming mail, digitizes the files and sends them right to the recipient’s email—no physical storage required. Bonus: Once the mail is digitized, it’s instantly searchable, indexable, encryptable and shareable.

Group of people sitting together

Infrastructure innovation

Situation: You find that you must quickly and efficiently scale your field and technical support service while needing to ensure a great client experience. You know you cannot build a support team quickly, and your team is getting frustrated.

Solution: Rather than expending resources to shore up your internal team, choose a trusted partner to take on that function for you. Pitney Bowes Service Delivery Innovation offers high-quality, scalable support and operations services across a variety of functions, whether that’s leveraging our national (and international) fleet of trained technicians to service products in the field or tapping into our data and analytics services to report on your business-critical goals. This frees up your internal team to continue driving revenue and growing the organization.

Need a plan for reinvesting the money you saved into new solutions that keep driving your business forward? Let us help you find a consultant.