What Makes a Good Box?

For personal shipping, dropping a parcel into a standard cardboard box is sufficient. But business packaging requires a more thoughtful approach.

Business shipping requires a careful balance between your company’s needs, environmental responsibility, and the recipient experience. So how do you choose the right box? There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but luckily there are many standard box sizes to fit nearly every situation.

We partner with carriers such as Canada Post, UPS®, FedEx® and Purolator to support our client’s every box-selection and shipping need, ensuring they make the most knowledgeable and cost-effective decision possible. Each carrier brings unique benefits and box options, so we recommend our customers identify which variables are most important to them in terms of packaging, cost, and service, then determine which carrier best meets their specific needs.

Size and shape

Finding the right size packaging for a shipment is a fairly common problem. If your box is too small, the contents won’t fit, but if it’s too big, it’s a waste of packing material, and the recipient’s resulting unboxing experience may be negative.

Parcel shape is also a critical factor in efficient, sustainable shipping. A box that is difficult to carry is a challenge for everyone involved. It’s not always avoidable, since some items are too long, wide, or heavy to be shipped in an easy to carry box, but if/when you can provide convenience to the people delivering and accepting your package you should strongly consider that option.


A durable box is a reusable one. With sustainability top-of-mind to most businesses and consumers, use of eco-friendly materials is an important consideration. Smart companies take stock of their shipping materials, evaluating them for size, shape, and content, and look for a balance between durability and sustainability.

The wow factor

Once you’ve tackled packaging logistics, how do you ensure your parcel is part of a memorable recipient experience? Enter custom packaging. Think of Amazon’s smile logo or Redbubble’s red and white packaging aesthetic — making your company’s packaging attractive and visually distinctive can distinguish you as a business known for shipping reliability, sustainability, and/or packaging convenience. If it’s not cost-prohibitive for your business, elevate your brand through distinctive packaging. Your customers will remember you for it.

The best box for your business is one that meets both your specific shipping needs and recipient expectations. It should be the right size and shape to safely transport its contents, made of sustainable material, and easily discernible from that of your competition.

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