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Gain access to special discounted rates from Canada Post and UPS® daily rates*
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Meet your shipping needs with PitneyShip Pro

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See how we simplify shipping online

Eliminate trips to the post office and other shipping carrier stores. PitneyShip Pro is ideal for:

  • Printing shipping labels.
  • Sending important, time-sensitive documents.
  • Shipping packages and boxes across all major carriers: Canada Post, Purolator, UPS® and FedEx®
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Reduce your shipping costs with pre-negotiated UPS savings on all your parcels and packages

Discover how you’ll save on many common surcharges and enjoy discounts up to 68%** on shipping with the discounted UPS shipping rates.

No more package drop-offs. Take care of all your shipping needs online without leaving your home or office

Frequently asked questions about buying shipping labels online with PitneyShip Pro

Why should I choose Pitney Bowes for shipping online?

Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on Pitney Bowes shipping and mailing technologies. Our PitneyShip™ Pro Portfolio of shipping solutions deliver those same enterprise levels of innovation and reliability in shipping software designed and priced specifically for small businesses and home-based shippers.

Do I need a printer to print shipping labels from PitneyShip Pro?

In order to print shipping labels, you will need access to a printer (any ordinary desktop or laser printer is fine).

Do I need special paper or stickers to print shipping labels online?

Nope! All that you need to get started printing your own shipping labels online with a PitneyShip Pro solution is a standard letter-sized (8.5" x 11") sheet of paper. For added convenience and a more professional look you can use adhesive labels, as long as they’re the right size and compatible with whatever printer you’re using.

Does PitneyShip Pro shipping software automatically update shipping rate increases?

Yes, it does. With PitneyShip Pro you don’t need to worry about tracking and applying the most current shipping rates. Our shipping software automatically updates to reflect any postal rate increases.

How do I access UPS discounts of up to 68%**?

When you sign up for PitneyShip Pro, you instantly have access to great discounts for UPS shipping labels.

These discounts are normally only offered to high-volume shippers, but with PitneyShip Pro there is no minimum volume requirement needed.

The PitneyShip Pro and UPS partnership allows you to compare UPS rates against Canada Post, Purolator and FedEx rates and avoid common surcharges, even through peak season.

Find the right solution for your business
For multi-location shipping: PitneyShip™ Pro
For multi-location shipping: PitneyShip™ Pro
Access to all major carriers and discounted rates. PitneyShipTM Pro shipping solution gives you visibility and control of your sending activity across all locations, departments and workforces.
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SendPro® C Lite
For small and medium business sending: SendPro® C Lite
Easy-to-use, modern postage meter to process, print and save on your mailing and shipping. SendPro C Lite is ideal if you send up to 200 mail pieces per week and 100 shipments per month.
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ParcelPoint™ Smart Parcel Lockers
Smart Parcel Lockers
Securely deliver valuable packages, assets and more. This easy-to-use intelligent package management solution enables convenient, contactless pick-up experiences.
ParcelPoint™ Smart Parcel Lockers

*Offer valid for one new PitneyShip Pro account.

**Discounts off UPS daily rates. Rates are limited to shipping from Canada only. Rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time without notice.